Character Actor: Gag & Plant Characters


Adding Character to Your Next Event!

Robert's Gag and Plant characters adds a unique and colorful presentation to your roaming entertainment.

Gag Characters: Robert's Gag characters are goofy interpretations of a film director who wants to make you famous, a doctor who insists on giving you a physical, a fisherman who attempts to convince you to "kiss the cod", or a wandering medieval monk seeking out sinners. Over the top in their appearance, almost clown like, they are refreshingly entertaining.

Robert's parody of a French Waiter recently performed for the City of Surrey's opening of their newest summer "Pop-Up Park" at Surrey Central.








Character Plants: Robert's "Plant" characters are not of the garden variety per se but rather they are static, mannequin like characters inserted into displays that spring to life as guests walk by or he goes undercover with a false "real life" identity, seamlessly blending with your guests planting the seeds of deception of the client supplied script...

Mascots: Robert can also be hired to wear your mascot costume.

Here are a few examples of Robert's Gag, Plant, and Mascot characters.

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The Wandering Monk tours The BC Renaissance Festival 2010

The Wandering Monk is a classic Renaissance Fair character doing the Lord's Work... A weakness for wenches and wine, this monk seeks to overcome his indiscretions by saving the souls of others. This is an Adult oriented character best suited for environments where religious "sensitivity" and sexual innuendo is a non-issue.

About Robert Barton

“Just as important was the persona that you created and your excellent rapport with the audience, I would venture to say that not a single person there left without a photograph taken of you. You were certainly the hit of the evening.”
- Maxine Nippard, Siegel Entertainment

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